Susan Cook – Coaching to connection


You need to hear yourself talking.
You need to be heard
or have support to feel, think, understand, or know for sure.


You need help sorting out pieces of your life that need to be put together in a different way or have a missing piece added.


You need your inner fire lit again to face the things you find difficult to accept or do.

As we listen and stoke your fire, we guide you through a process that allows you to navigate yourself through your transitions.

Susan Cook Personal Coaching in Oregon, US

We have been listening, supporting, and “stoking “ as counselors, coaches, and  teachers over many years and endless conversations with women. 

As a coaching team,  our  backgrounds, life and work experiences, as well as our cultural and language differences combine into our unique style of our group work together.

In addition each of us offers individual one to one coaching both in person or online. 

We believe in each person’s innate value, potential, and purpose and are dedicated to creating a safe environment for women to nourish and flourish! 


Our main craft, and special gift, is tapping into my clients’ underlying needs and unseen narrative that needs to be brought to light. This is like chipping away at a rock to find the gem within that we all possess and deserve to reveal in order to live empowered and authentic lives. And, this only occurs when there is sufficient mental and emotional safety for undertaking this experience.

I am passionate about being with people through the sometimes challenging, murky, or lonely times that require someone to bear witness and lend a seasoned hand. I want to join you there.

I would love to guide you to yourself in your personal place of power. Although this can be a challenging process of awakening, the transitions are as easy as taking one small step at a time.

Together, let's discover and add more of whatever is needed for enriching your life as you progress through your changes, challenges, and transitions!