Personal coaching

Personal coaching

Susan Cook - coaching to connection

“Coaching” has become a popular catch phrase that has layered meanings and contexts. It ranges from athletic to business to personal coaching. Much has been written about the differences and similarities between coaching and counseling. 

I happen to be a hybrid of the two worlds; as I trained and practiced for many years as a counseling therapist, I have also “coached” many of my clients in that context. I choose to use my counseling experience as an advantage as I “coach” my clients in a very “here and now” approach to improving aspects in their lives.

Our business, Coaching to Connection, is primarily focused on personal coaching. Having come from a background in counseling psychology, I have been in conversation with individuals and groups of people regarding their personal growth and discovery for many years and in different settings.

Often, this is of a motivational and goal-oriented nature, along with a dose of brainstorming and “problem solving” – creating new strategies to either breakthrough a challenge or develop a brand new approach to accomplish a goal.

Susan Cook - coaching to connection

Helping clients to not only think inside, but also “outside of their boxes” while accessing their own resources to meet their needs is a primary aspect of the coaching process. This often frees them up to act, decide, and resolve something they want.

So much of the time, we get “stuck” in our habits and our situations, and we just need a fresh look and energy to take some different approaches. We begin to realize we have the capacity to be able to make an impact in and on our lives when we can “free up” ourselves.

My work is a blend of coaching and counseling in that I acknowledge and touch upon the emotional resistances that can prevent individuals from taking action on their own behalf. If it becomes apparent that these challenges need deeper and more ongoing support, a referral to a professional who goes to another depth may be appropriate.

Group Workshops
The value of people coming to a group workshop is that it provides a safe place to be seen, heard, witnessed and supported to explore, discover, and enjoy the company of kindred spirits going through a similar process and experience. It is a very powerful human bonding experience, and the sharing and reflecting with others provides its own type of transformative experience for each person and for the group as a whole.
One-on-one coaching

People seek individual coaching because they have a specific idea to clarify or empower, or an obstacle to overcome in order to meet a certain need or goal. Individual coaching sessions may serve as a follow-up from a group workshop because specific needs and goals emerge from the workshop experience.

Mid-life transitions & retirement coaching

I have had many unique opportunities to weave my own life experiences  and training in working with people in transitions, particularly those looking forward to planning for lives after 50 and 60 years of age.

Are we a good “fit”?

Having been coached and counseled by professionals at various times in my life, both personally, and for professional growth and training, I am aware of the value of liking, respecting and having good chemistry with the person who is working with me on my behalf.

Because I believe this to be essential to building trust and safety and an integral part of a positive client outcome, I offer a brief “getting to know each other” conversation before we commit to a working session together. This is free of charge and lasts no longer than a half hour. For fee information for coaching sessions and workshops, please send me a message through this site.