Personal coaching is so much more powerful and sustainable when it’s not squeezed into your weekly calendar. Concentrating on daily in-depth work while feeling rested, relaxed and able to focus will help you achieve more personal development in a few days than in months of weekly counseling sessions. 

We offer a 4 day and a 6 day intensive coaching retreat. Both retreats are designed exclusively for you. They give you the opportunity to consider and prioritize what comes next in your life, while getting in touch with a bigger passion and purpose that has been waiting for your attention. 

Besides daily coaching and reflecting time, you will enjoy health and wellness time, which adds to your physical self-care during your time with us and will it feel easy to get “unstuck”. 

Our non-traditional and creative coaching styles are mostly comprised of interactive exercises that allow you to explore a concept of feeling more deeply than a typical “coaching conversation”.

Elke G., Germany

It was a wonderful time in USA, also at the sea. Through the coaching process I was able to sort my thoughts and feelings and get a new perspective for my life. Thank you both!”