Sandrina Weller – Biography

Sandrina Weller - Biography

Susan Cook - coaching to connection


“Even if you are on the right track you will get run over                                                                               if you just sit there.” Will Rogers


I help women to become aware of their own potential and their inner powers that are waiting to improve their life situation.

In this way, I can also help you go from feeling helpless to realizing that you can make decisions and acting independently.

Together we sort through thoughts and develop the first steps that can lead to changes in your very personal development process. I have many ways to support you in your personal goal and decision making. You will learn to initiate the changes you want in your life and to integrate them sustainably into your everyday life.


Coaching was not my initial career goal. I grew up in the Bavarian Forest (Germany) as the child of Youth Hostel parents. In this way, from an early age, I was always around a wide variety of people from all over the world– all religions, skin colors, cultures. This influenced me in many ways.


“Stories help children sleep but also awaken adults.” Jorge Bucay

I’m interested in people. I have always been passionate about human and especially women’s stories.

I have been a nanny, an office clerk, a health food consultant and business owner, and a Connected Riding Instructor/Trainer (a transformative learning and riding method for horseback riders).

All these activities, last but not least, managing a family with two small children in Arab countries (Dubai, UAE) for five years, have led me to where I am today.

Over the course of 2018, as part of my work as a Connected Riding instructor, I realized that it was no coincidence that more and more of my women students were reaching out to me and asking for advice. That’s when I started my professional coaching education. I became a Systemic Integrative Coach, (SIC – Institut Dr. Migge) and finally found what I was looking for.

Many years of experience with a wide variety of people and their very personal issues help me a lot in my work as a coach today– to listen consciously, to engage with my counterpart, and to provide intuitive and professional support.

As a member of the German Coaching Association (DFC) Deutschen Fachverband Coaching (DFC) which is part of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I am committed to the high standards, values, and ethics in coaching.

Sandrina Weller