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Are you
showing up in your life as you truly are?
… Live from your deepest desires!
Susan Cook - coaching to connection

Empowering Women
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Sometimes we need to –

  • Hear ourselves speaking and be heard to become clearer
  • Sort out pieces of our lives in order to put them together in different ways or add missing pieces
  • Re-light our inner fires for energy face things we find difficult to accept or do.
Susan Cook - coaching to connection

Our events are designed for you to tap into yourself in new ways. You may discover things that keep you “stuck” and limit your possibilities. As you uncover your deeper longings, they will lead you to new ways of moving through obstacles and having the outcomes that serve you best.

Upcoming Workshops

There are no workshops planned at this time.
Susan Cook - coaching to connection
Susan Cook &
Sandrina Weller

Coaches and facilitators:

Susan Cook, M.C., CPRC

Trained in counseling psychology, Susan holds  Master of Counseling degree and is certified as a Certified Professional Retirement Coach. She has a lifetime of experience facilitating people in a variety of settings from private practice to consulting in a Fortune 500 business. Her passion is coaching people in uncovering their inner truths for empowering them to their daily lives. Currently, her work focuses on guiding women through transitions, particularly those challenges and opportunities in mid-life and beyond. 

Sandrina Weller, Coach, SIC

 Sandy, for over twenty years, has been sought out by many different women to share their stories with her. She listens, seeks to understand, offers perspective and supports their ideas for possible solutions. She helps women to remember their own potential and their inside power which awaits in them to improve their situations.