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Are you
showing up in your life as you truly are?
… Live from your deepest desires!
Susan Cook - coaching to connection

Empowering Women
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Sometimes we need to –

  • Hear ourselves speaking and be heard to become clearer
  • Sort out pieces of our lives in order to put them together in different ways or add missing pieces
  • Re-light our inner fires for energy face things we find difficult to accept or do.
Susan Cook - coaching to connection

Our events are designed for you to tap into yourself in new ways. You may discover things that keep you “stuck” and limit your possibilities. As you uncover your deeper longings, they will lead you to new ways of moving through obstacles and having the outcomes that serve you best.

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"Susan and Sandy are two warm-hearted and wise women and I felt safe and in good hands [yet sometimes out of my comfort zone] all of the time in our workshop. Their course has started lots of thinking and feeling processes within me, which even now - a few weeks later – are still continuing. I recommend them to all women who want to turn their view onto and into themselves to lead a more aware, appreciative life in sync with themselves and their contemporaries. They are handing their participants tools that are usable in their everyday life and that help to go one’s own way with more awareness." 

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